Create a template in 5 minute

Creating your first template in 5 mins, this tutorial aims to introduce you to the basic elements available within the TemplateTo template builder.

Create a template

  1. Click the Templates button in the navigation
  2. Click the Create template button

3. Enter a name and click Save.

The template editor

This opens a blank template editor window. 

There is a lot going on in this screen, and it can be a bit overwhelming the first time. 

The yellow text block is one of the elements you can use to build a template. You can either click to add to the page or drag it onto the page. 

I am going to start by adding a Header to the page.

Text block

With the header added I am going to add some text, I will click on the text block (The Yellow block in the whole editor window) to add it under the header. Im going to add some text.

I have used some data variables to customise the text in this area.

Working with data variables

Click the “data” navigation item to open the data panel. There are a few different options here, but for this example I am going to paste some data in using JSON, if you don't know JSON you can use the Add button to add name value pairs. 

After adding my data the panel looks like this:

These variables will now appear in the Variables dropdown within the text editor menu. Allowing you to easily add them to your template. 

The data in the top section of the panel is what's used when you Preview your template from within the editor. 

Page Breaks

For this example template I want to add a page break now. 

Select the elements tab again, and click the “Page Break” element to add it to the page.

The page break element will calculate how much height there would be left on the current page, and indicates that to you, after the end of a page we also add a visual indicator:

I have gone on to add additional pages of content to this template using these same three elements. You can download the template below and import it into your template.

Download the template created in this tutorial ⇓ Tutorial template