Get Started With Layouts

About Layouts

In TemplateTo we give you a high degree of flexibility in layout out your templates. 

In the toolbar on the right hand side of the template editor you will find the Layout section, within this section we provide 4 Elements you can add to your templates:

Layout elements

1-ColumnA full-width column you can use to add styling to a specific area of your template or add padding or margin to break it away from other content areas.

When added this will give you a 50/50 split between the right and left columns, you can adjust this split as required, simply click on one of the cells and drag the connector (blue square).

3-ColumnAdds three equal sized columns to the page, you can adjust the sizes as required, using the connector points.
2-Column(20/80)This Element adds two regions to your templates with a split of 20/80, again this can be adjusted to meet you requirements. 

You can nest Layouts within each other to build up more complex layouts.

Example basic usage