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N8N document generation with TemplateTo


TemplateTo has had an integration with N8N for over a year now, however its not something we have shouted about until now. The latest version of our integration makes working with TemplateTo in your N8N integrations super simple. Lets take a closer look.

Installing the TemplateTo Node

Youtube video:

  1. Go to Settings (bottom left) > Community Nodes
  2. Select Install
  3. Type n8n-nodes-templateto
  4. Agree with the risks
  5. Install

Adding the TemplateTo Node to a workflow

  1. Open or create a workflow
  2. Add a trigger node; google sheet change, new airtable row, etc.
  3. Click to add a new node and search for TemplateTo in the search box, add the TemplateTo node.
  4. Set your API key for authentication. (see here)
  5. Select the template you want to generate.
  6. Ensure the data coming from the previous steps matches the structure you set in your template
  7. Test your integration.