PDF Generation API

The API for generating PDF documents

Our PDF generation API is designed to be simple to use. You can provide a template built in our simple drag and drop editor, some data and then call our RestAPI to generate your PDF file.

You can also integrate via Zapier and N8N , if working directly with our RestAPI isnt for you. You still get the full power of our tooling via these integrations.

Features of our generation platfom:

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Dynamic document generation api

Dynamic document generation is a transformative approach to creating customized documents that cater specifically to the needs and data relevant to individual users or specific scenarios. This process is pivotal in automating the production of a wide range of documents, including reports, invoices, contracts, and letters, ensuring each document is personalized and accurate without the labour-intensive process of crafting each one manually.

At the heart of dynamic document generation is the use of templates. These are pre-designed document frameworks that set the stage for the document’s layout, formatting, and static content. The magic happens with placeholders or fields within these templates, which are dynamically populated with data at the moment of document creation. This data can be sourced from various inputs, including databases, user responses, or external data streams (See our integrations ), and is seamlessly integrated into the template in real time to produce a document that is both personalized and relevant.

For us at TemplateTo, this means providing you with an intuitive platform that streamlines the process of crafting these templates and integrating them with the dynamic content you need. Here’s an overview of how dynamic document generation unfolds, particularly through the lens of our services:

  1. Template Creation: We offer a template editor that allows you to design and customize your templates. This tool enables you to set your document’s layout, choose fonts, insert static text (the content that remains consistent across all documents), and define placeholders for the dynamic content that will be inserted.
  2. Data Integration: The dynamic aspect of your document comes from the data that fills in the placeholders. We facilitate integration with a variety of data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, CRM systems, and more, allowing you to map data fields from these sources to the placeholders in your templates.
  3. Automation and Rules: With us, you can establish rules and conditions (See our logic block) that guide the incorporation of dynamic content. For instance, a contract template might automatically adjust its terms based on the client’s location or the service’s specifics, content blocks might be of interest here .
  4. Document Generation: When a document is requested, either by you or through an automated trigger, our system fills the template’s placeholders with the pertinent dynamic data, producing a document that’s specifically tailored to the situation at hand.
  5. Distribution and Storage: Once your document is generated, it can be distributed automatically via email, saved to a cloud storage service, or made available for direct download. 
  6. Compliance and Updates: We understand the importance of compliance and staying current with regulations and business practices. Our platform makes it easy to update templates, ensuring that all your documents are compliant and up-to-date.

Dynamic document generation, especially through a platform like ours, offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, precision, and personalization. It minimizes the risk of manual errors, saves considerable time, and enhances the quality of communication with your customers, partners, and employees. With TemplateTo.com, you’re not just using a tool; you’re embracing a solution that enhances your workflow, engages your customers more effectively, and simplifies your document management processes.

More about our API

You also don’t have to use our editor, if you are familiar with HTML and dont want to use our templating engine, you can produce your own HTML / CSS and send it to us via the HTML to PDF endpoints on the RestApi to generate your PDF files.

If you are looking for a simple way to create document templates and use an API for PDF Generation then TemplateTo could be exactly what you are looking for.

Our API supports:

  • Managing new template
  • Managing content blocks 
  • Managing Users
  • Managing API Keys
  • Generating PDF documents
  • Generating Txt files

Look at our documentation to learn how you can get up and running quickly with your PDF generation.