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Introducing Cover-Page support


Having a cover page that has different headers, footers or margins is important for formal documents. We now support being able to set up a cover page for your pdf document.

New settings section

There is a new section at the bottom of the settings panel, which is accessed via the Settings button at the top of the screen.

New cover-page settings

If the “Cover page” is turned off then the first page in your document will be treated as any other page. If it is turned on then the first page in your document will be treated as the documents cover page.

You are able to set different header and footer by selecting “Display Header/Footer”, by turning this off altogether you can stop any header and footer from being displayed on the cover page.


If you want to have different margins on the cover page you can set them here, these margins will only apply to the cover page.


If you need a cover page for your documents we now have you covered. Just apply the settings to meet your needs.

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